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If I attempt to place a conveyor belt, and I lack the required components for an associated conveyor pole, the in game visualisation will display blue conveyor for success; red pole for failure; but not mention that I might lack (say) concrete for the pole.

Clicking as if to place the conveyor will give audible feedback, but no explicit visual guide as the the failure reason.

Could we include some form of visual feedback that we lack the necessary components in a similar vein to that of other buildings?
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Was unable to reproduce.

all 3 points of visual notification appear just as buildings.   
1) The structure shows red to indicate an issue
2) The missing resource is shown in the inventory list, but grayed out without the orange bar
3) A Text Error shown flashing on screen explaining the issue.
(in my case, it shows the "Cant Afford! Cant Afford!" error, along side the "Missing Concrete x1" error)
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