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For all of you, who are slug hunters (I know I am): there are some new slugs since the last hotfixes. Mainly at the "east coast" from the "blue crater" up to north. One was surprisingly in the big tunnel from grass fields to the north, which I use nearly every day.

Also some additional green slugs are on the east side of the blue crater (near the rocky edge). Seemed to be again in a cave, which I didn't find the entrance so far. I found a big cave there already, but empty (now). So there must be another cave. If someone finds it, tell me please. These are the only (collectable) ones I didn't collect on the map.

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I'll answer myself. Found the cave. One of the weirdest so far. Not because of the interior, it's pretty empty, more because of its shape and spookiness.

If someone's interested to know the entrance, I PM him.
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I had a feeling they added  new slugs over there!  I just got done with a trek and came back with a couple hundred power shards, maybe half of which were from areas I had previously been to.
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Yeah. Switching to experimental, they already added a whole bunch of slugs in the swamp area. Apparently there's someone at Coffee Stain who arbitrarily throws out some slugs on every hotfix.
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