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This is a strange bug.  After updating to this morning's experimental build, I am getting encroachment issues with conveyor stacker poles.  It seems that no matter where I try in my factory, I cannot build a stacker at a distinct height level.  If I lay down a foundation or move slightly up on a ramp, I can then stack normally again.

To be clear, this is across my ENTIRE FACTORY (and presumably the map).  I cannot build any stacker pole at that height. Save file in question: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jv8p4orysba0mxc/BuggedStackerPoles.7z?dl=0

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Another update since apparently I'm the only one suffering from this new bug?  The z-axis bugged for me is Z: 8195.01953125.  Placing a stacker on that level works fine, but any attempt to stack a second is impossible (barring the fluke above).  

I'm not sure why it's only this value (that I've found thus far).  I loaded up a 8 day old backup, from before Experimental to see if the map somehow got bugged in this interim and it suffers from the same issue.
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So I tried this in our newest internal build and the latest experimental build and could not get any of your issues to replicate. I also tried loading your save. Is this still an issue for you or has it been resolved in later builds?
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I am also getting this issue it seems random i had it out in the world adding to an existing stack had to rebuild the entire thing now i am having an issue in my base too so far in only one square if i go outside that square it works fine. also can no longer put stackables 3 wide on a foundation anymore to line up with the triple conveyor wall they worked just fine before you made them to no longer be built within each other
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Hey Stefan, thanks for looking into this.  The issue started with Experimental build #98779 (present in today's #98904 as well) and its changes to conveyor stacker collision.  My entire factory main floor has the problem.  I can't stack a second stacker when starting at that z-axis (my floor).  If I start one or more foundations below and begin from the lower elevation, the same stacker will encroach (the one whose height lines up with the issue).

Edit, I've gone ahead and recorded a short demonstration for optimal clarity on what's going on: https://youtu.be/idwKDEMsmx8

New savegame as well w/ demonstration setup, same factory: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1v001carzi46n6x/Drithius-BuggedConveyorStackers-2.7z?dl=0
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Well, I just found a workaround.  If I replace the building site's 8x8x4 foundation with a 8x8x2 foundation, the x2 version is actually 2 units lower on the Z-axis... and this allows me to build normally.  Once the problematic stacker is in place, I can swap the normal foundation back into place.

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Thanks for providing the detailed help and the save file. You should see that the issue is resolved now. =)
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