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Just a small QoL tweak that would improve things for the player; when death crates are produced, equipable items that the player was wearing/holding are placed last in the crate items. This is annoying, because if your inventory is full when you die, then when you reach the crate and click "take all", your inventory fills up with the non-equipable items first. This means you then have to drop a few stacks on the floor, take out the equipables, equip them, and then pick your items back up again.

Things would flow better and avoid the player having to separately grab the equipable items beforehand by having the items a player is holding or wearing simply appear first in the death crate inventory. This would mean that upon taking all, the player could then equip all these items, and retrieve the rest from the crate with little hassle.
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I think its currently set to alphabetical
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