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since it is frustrating to build conveyor lifts downward, why not have them just pick their direction (up or down) based on the first conveyor connected to them...  if your first connection is pulling out of one of the ends, the direction is towards that making the other end an entrance, if your first connection is feeding into an end, the direction is away from that, and make the other end an exit only.  so it dynamically supports however you want to hook it up it will just feed things in the direction they are fed into the lift and it will just work intuitively rather than having to prebuild the direction you want.
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Could you describe the problems you are having building conveyor lifts downwards in more detail? Maybe I am using them differently, but I have used them extensively and have found it quite straight-forward, Click to snap, drag down to desired height, mouse wheel to set orientation, click to finish.
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I have to agree, this is quite confusing.

Once the belt elevator is in place, you can swap direction by removing the belts in both ends, and run them however you want, to set direction.
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The issue is the direction the items move in. Some times when you make a lift, the direction will be opposite to what you actually want it to be. If this happens, you can't connect any belts to it because the game thinks you're trying to connect an input to an output or output to an input.

Literally when I was just playing, I spent a good 15 min trying to get a lift to move in the correct direction.

They really should let us set the direction of the left like we can choose its height or rotation.
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