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So I Created a world then exited to the main menu then loaded back in to the  game it played the animation of a new game i came down in a pod and when i got out i have   pods now it wont allow me to go in to destroy mode so i'm stuck and will have to create a new world to fix this kinda game breaking though the hotbar and shortcuts are gone
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.zip your save file and upload it somewhere (tinyupload, google drive, dropbox), then post the link here so I can look at it please.
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you don't need my save all you need to do is start a world save straight away from when you land then load that save then your game is broke
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What a strange bug, I actually can reproduce it consistently. These are the steps: Start a new save > Follow tutorial/skip tutorial until you land > Walk around a few seconds, save game > Reload save. You'll respawn in a new drop pod, and when you land again you cannot use any controls or progress any further. Can confirm.
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Like I said Game Breaking bug, I've tried dying it allows you to fix the bug but then you have a phantom ship there for the entire game
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