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There is some kind of issue at hand with these two UI screens.  I'm at a constant 60fps (unless in the heart of my factory), but going into the workbench instantly lowers my frames to mid 40's.  Furthermore, the UI screen for the hard drive research alternate recipe choice will max put a GPU; I was surprised when I left the screen up in the background and my GPU temperatures were at 80c ( a good 10 degrees higher than normal).

It would not surprise me if these are both symptomatic of the same thing.
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sounds like your using a prebuilt. those do not have much airflow, making eveything run hotter than a proper pc would need to be
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I'm not.  The CPU is using an AIO water cooler and the GPU has proper fan airflow blowing in and upward.  The game runs extremely hot, there's no denying that - hopefully some optimizations are made sooner rather than later - but this is not about that; this is specifically with regard to the UI screens drawing on extra resources.
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i can't reach 72 degrees gpu temprature in this game using a triple fan 1080 non-Ti (highest average in other games)

What gpu do you use?
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