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I see a lot of suggestions for destroying the gas-rocktrees to remove the gas clouds from areas. I instead recommend building a powered device, an Air Scrubber, which can be built inside a cloud to remove the poison and make it safe to travel through without filters. From a programming standpoint, it seems like the gas areas are individually designed and added to the map, rather than being a product of the gasrocktree (GRT) assets. Therefore, it seems like each cluster results in an individual cloud. As the cloud is a single designed asset, it should be relatively easy to deactivate when an air scrubber is  If I'm incorrect, assign the air scrubber building a range and deactivate GRTs within range. 

The gas could be collected and condensed into a resource for distribution and use within the game. Maybe condensed chlorine gas, or a toxic methane compound, or maybe just Strange Alien Gas. Maybe the resource is used as a high fuel or power source, or an explosive, or a track lubricant, or biomass, or a way to neutralize spent Uranium rods. 

Building and powering the air scrubbers seems more in line with the colonization/terraforming aspect of Satisfactory than simple destruction. And using the gas as a resource instead of just an obstacle makes it something to plan a factory around.

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haven't seen the other ideas yet but i really love this train of thought and like the idea as a whole too. i think a faster fix is to allow more body augment slots but if they go the resource route it would be a great way to do both and have more content to grind for. good option for balancing high yield power models, like you mentioned stabilizing a nuclear plant. i dont think they would want to add straight up trash you need to recycle but making it an additional ingredient would be interesting. like the manufacturer needing 4 items you could have the nuclear plant need water, uranium, and the alien gas. you could also have a kick start function so that if the power overloads it would kill water pumps so that you can't ever go full nuclear. you would always need at least bio-fuel to restart the pumps.
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This could be a good solution for automating bio-fuel production.  A air-scrubber removes the cloud for some distance, and in turn outputs biofuel.  A check to make sure they are not too close together (ie, can't put one in an area already being scrubbed) keeps mass-fields down.  

Another option would be as a sustaining source of power (assume the gas is methane or some other flammable hydrocarbon).  Have it output a small amount of power (maybe 25kw, similar to the biomass burner) but with no need to feed it fuel.  Could be good options for both early game as well as isolated areas needing minimal power.

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I should mention that creating infrastructure (powered air scrubbers or whatever you build) are a more interesting way to interact with the gas clouds than simple removal or tanking, regardless of whether or not that infrastructure actually generates a resource.
You can treat them like drop pods and just build a generator onsite to power the air scrubbers long enough for you to get though and grab any resources of interest, or establish more permanent power source to open some of the natural shortcuts through caves ore cliff-ramps. Especially if the gas is corrosive, and not simply poisonous, and causes damage to auto-piloted vehicle or belts or belted/exposed resources.

I'd like to additionally add that I'm fine with the Athropod-Flowers being a different type of gas cloud, and therefore having a different type of solution.
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