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I'm not one to initiate questions, but I've been thinking. I been building -massively long- skywalks (Walkways) and skybridges (platforms) everywhere, especially over the jungle (and yes, I don't think I would really call it a forest as it's often referred to, it's almost more jungle than anything) / forest area over the landscape so I can look down and see areas that look like they might hold a secret (like a cargo pod or something). Many times I'll branch off (with a 't'-intersection or a quad-intersection piece) and run Walkway Ramps down to one of the landings on one of the giant plateus nearby, and rinse & repeat until I get down to the ground level. I saw yesterday night, someone had an issue with gaining enough biofuel. I feel like once you get the chainsaw, you never ever have that problem again (and no, I'm not lobbying to have the chainsaw "nerfed" or anything like that). However, I find myself clearing out massive plots of land in the jungle / forest just so I can see where I'm going (other times I do it because while the jungle / forest is beautiful from a distance, nice rolling green hills also has a beautiful astetic). Anyhow, my thought is this...


Description: What about another vehicle, like the "Sugarcube", that is merely just like a Roomba for areas you tag out.

Obtained: It would require the necessary research

Build requirements: Probably computers or supercomputers, crystal oscilators, heavy modular frames, and reinforced iron plates.

Purpose: It would clear out all the shrubs and bushes. Maybe  not the trees (maybe a Mk. 2 could -- haven't given it that much thought) and it would kinda do the same thing as the Sugarcube, require fuel but has a cargo-capacity and either could drop stuff off at a station or just stop and you have to empty it before it can keep going?

Justification: This would bring the chainsaw back into alignment with what I think the original purpose is (to kind've clear a pathway through somewhere, not massive deforestation like I'm finding myself using it for). I think if it's done right, it could really add to the game and not break it in a way that would make the difficult things easy when they're supposed to be difficult, but would make the difficult things easy when they should be easier (later in the game as your capabilities expand). It might also alleviate some of the biofuel component obtaining issues some may have (though, like I said with the chainsaw, I don't see myself running out of biofuel -- not that I use it really that much anymore anyway now that I have coal -- which has its own challenges). I think this would also align with the adding of complexity to the game, and if logic programming -- either super-simple style (i.e. pick up these checked off resources) or something more complex (boolean logic) -- comes to any of the structures or vehicles later on, it could be added here too.

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I was thinking of something similar, a truck that can cut trees and so to clear area and harvest them i guess.

I didnt payed much attention but now you are mentioning it, the chainsaw clearly have insane capacity, all i can guess is that for now its intentional as its our only way to cut trees. Maybe later when we have more options all of this will be balance for a better game experiences and "roleplay-ish" thing !
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