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It would be nice if the item scanner had a "detect unknown" to help us find anything that has not been analyzed by the M.A.M including new ore types or ore rocks, enemies (for the lols and the trolls), and drop pods.

Zero (0) other suggestions of this type.
Though, this thread helped me come up with the idea

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Detect unknown would pretty much negate the need for exploring at all.  Just stand in one spot, ping, and get all the hits for all the nodes?  

Why not just ask the devs to make an "easy mode" map where all the ore types have nodes in a nice tight ring around the spawn point?
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...Have you actually used the item scanner?
...You need to be within a certain range of whatever it picks up.
..Or have you not used the item scanner before?

And I am not talking about the ping for that very reason.

If you're exploring to actively find a certain item, the item scanner will let you take a more progressive approach to it instead of blindly wandering around hoping by sheer chance that you bump into whatever you need.

Secondly, in about top of the middle of the map, west of the 3rd spawn area is "all the ore types having nodes in a nice tight ring around the spawn point"... Don't need to ask for whats already there.
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