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Radar tower is almost not needed in its current form.

If the resource sources are visible on the map, it would be logical to build it.
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It will better to see only the ressources node we don't use
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Absolutely agreed: Radars are super cool, and climbing atop a mountain to place them is very fun and aesthetically pleasing, but they feel kind of useless at the moment.

They should have some additional function to encourage construction, regardless of whether it's this particular one or something else entirely.
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I think having them permenantly on map would clutter it. How about when you use the resource scanner, each radar tower ‘pings’ for resources too, and all the ones in their range show up.

I’d also like to see increased object scanner range when your within tower range.
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the radar tower is quite useless as it is now: I use it only for climbing. That's sad.

it should be able to detect something else than terrain.
at 100%, it should be able to
- detect every resource the resource scanner can detect.
- detect ennemies, ships crashed in the area.
- make you control vehicles at distance.
of course, those features would need to be unlocked on MAM
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100% agree.
Here is how i see it:
Mods: (Maybe by upgrades)
- Standart (150% max radius)
- Resourses (100% max radius, shows standart map + resourses icons)
- Entities (75% max radius, shows standart map + any creatures)
- X-Ray (25-50% max radius, shows Standart + Everything that can be detected by "Object Scanner". Possible use of Uranium)

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Once discovered resource nodes should stay on the map within radar tower active range, i think.
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