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This could be intended, but it at least wasn't intuitive. I automated to update my vehicles to run on the new turbo fuel and just assumed it would work on my jetpack as well. The jetpack tho seems to only run on the regular fuel. Is this intended, or should it also use turbo fuel?
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What turbofuel?
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Apparently Turbo Fuel is made from fuel and compacted coal. I've found the compacted coal recipe, but I cant seem to get the MAM to give me the Turbo fuel recipe....
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jetpack should run on biofuel too i think :-/
meanwhile chainsaw should be able to run on regular fuel in addition to biofuel.

It's just diesel anyway...
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Hopefully they'll change this. And also update the chainsaw to work with all fuel types.
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I just noticed this too. Since it's alternate recipe, you cant craft them by hand. Had to get more sulfur and so on to test it just to figure out it doesnt work with jetpacks. That would've been pretty much the only thing I'd use it for.

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wiki says it can't be used on jetpacks though. Maybe they will change it latter.
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