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After building the Rebar Scatter Gun, it shows 0/1 shots available even if you have spiked rebar in your inventory. Attempting to reload the gun does nothing, and the icon shows you have 0 or the required ammunition. The ammo icon looks the same as spiked rebar, but it doesn't list the amount you currently have like the normal rebar gun does. Switching to a regular rebar gun reloads and fires as normal for me so it seems to be a problem with the scatter gun.
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It is the third part of HUD's Tier 5, and mine doesn't load either.

It is different than the rifle (I don't have yet), it is 2 rebar guns with some extra materials. It looks good (reddish purple) and its description in the tier is "It Scatters".
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Same issue here.  I've built the rebar scatter gun and it can't detect or load the spiked rebar ammo in my inventory.  Since the relevant milestone unlocks the gun as well as a new biomass recipe (conversion of Alien Organs, I believe) that biomass had something to do with the ammo.  Still nothing.
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Same problem here.

To the people saying "there is no such thing": My guess is that it is a new save vs old save issue? I'm not sure, but maybe mine appeared after researching "Alien Organs" 2 times (5 and 10 needed respectively)
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It may possibly be that the scatter gun uses different ammo to the Spiked Rebar - therefore our attempts to reload aren't effective as we haven't got the right ammo in our inventory.

Of course, it would make sense that the Rebar Guns all share rebar, just as the rifles share cartridges...
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Mine does not load either, I am assuming we are all trying to load an old save in which it may have a few bugs, yet to try a new save- Will post updates if and when I do

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You are referring to the Rebar Scatter Gun, which is a different weapon than the Rebar Gun. It was newly introduced into the Experimental Build. It can be researched in MAM, and unlocked in the HUB as a milestone. If you look at the rewards for unlocking it in the HUB, you get 2 items, the Rebar Scatter Gun and Biomass. The Rebar Scatter Gun uses Rebar Scatter Ammo. The regular Rebar Gun uses Spiked Rebar Ammo. This can be confirmed by spawning in the Rebar Scatter Ammo via some sort of save editor. The Rebar Scatter Ammo is not currently accessible to be researched or unlocked, and does not appear to be "locked" if the previous research was already completed like the Medical Inhaler alternate recipe is. The presence of "Biomass" as a reward alongside the actual weapon when unlocking it in the HUB would suggest that it's a placeholder for the currently unreleased ammo. There is no way to actually use the gun in the current experimental build without doing the above mentioned workaround.

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Biomass from this tier give you recipe for biomas crafted from alien organs. (100). Not a bug/placeholder.
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Are you referring to the automatic rifle?  It doesn't fire rebars, it uses it's own new ammo.
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No, they are referring to the "Rebar Scatter Gun" like they said in the question.
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What are you talking about? There is no such item.
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There is, its called "Rebar Scatter Gun" - It is no longer in the game but it was when this question was released, becuase of the removal I no longer have a rebar gun.
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i just built one  like 2 days ago  put it in a box with my sam ore and other things i cant use
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