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While i love just spending 5 hours building a good looking player elevator for my sky factory...
It's looong! and tbf doesn't even work that efficently, since apparently going up is hard xD
I'm not to picky on how this is solved, couple of ideas:

  • The simplest one would be to allow us to 'Overclock' the jump pads themselves, using much more power consistently while providing higher jumps
  • A Giant Underfloor Fan (like they use in parachute training etc...) Could be a similar size to the jelly pad or bigger, but allows the player to rise at a more consistent rate, and obviously alot higher then you would be able to with a normal jump pad.
  • A 'Boost' option for the Jetpack, but this is really getting in the territory of Jetpack upgrades which tbf hope is gunna be a thing
  • A litiral player elevator?

Just think we need some more vertical monuverability tbf
Any ideas?

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A helicopter would be nice : )
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I think an elevator would be nice, a real and dedicated ladder would be great too. As well, the idea of elevator make me think on being upgraded to teleport elevator with the Quantum technology or something like that. Would be awesome and pretty time saver.
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Overclocking Jump pads has already been suggested here:


Player elevators has also been suggested. You should try and flesh out the rest of your suggestion a bit more and otherwise make sure to search before making suggestions.
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Really like the idea of telelporters tbf, obviously end game, and they'd probably have to use a tonne of power overall to keep em balanced, or something.
Would be awesome if you could set them up over distance too... Like have 1 at the main base and another at your resource outpost etc...
Could make end game travel time pretty much non exsistent xD

Also a mini personal helicopter for midgame exploring would be cool, getting around in a truck is kinda awkward considering the varity biomes
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