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The april update just came out and I saw the new in game map and it's kind of...underwhelming. It's just a brown map with altitude contours and beacon locations.

I was thinking it would be really nice if the map was more like a satellite map, showing all the terrain colors and the things you have constructed. The map could update when you re-visit a location...basically the same as how the map is in Minecraft (except obviously you don't need it open to generate the map), or better yet, Factorio.

This could potentially give a better use to radar towers. Maybe the original map could be the brown one and the radar could reveal a satellite view of the world.

It would also be nice to be able to ping on the map in multiplayer, as well as set waypoints on the map that would show up on your compass.
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I am highly sure they will be making many additions and improvements to the world and map, Remember they are taking things slow and bit by bit to ensure everything works like it should, I am also sure any ideas for the world improvement they would love to hear and try since they are heavily focusing on player input.
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