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As it is right now on Experimental build [CL#98224] the radar tower only reveals a portion of the map. From what I've seen it doesn't give you anything else than that. It's just a lazy and slow way to unlock the map.

What if it revealed resource nodes and their purity at longer distances and also crash sites as long as the tower is active.

I don't know if they have more plans for this tower in the future, this is just my suggestions.
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So far I find the tower a bit lame too. You can save up the ressources and discover the map yourself.
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i wonder if they can add a remote device you can build that can link to the tower and you can ping custom locations from where you are standing? or even link the becons getting placed to show up on the map
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I'm very certain they have plans for the tower. My understanding is that you will be able to use the remote tower to control facilities and machines across the map.  It's a WIP, of course, and CSS is responsive to us - so fire away with your ideas.

I like the idea of it extending the range of scanners; revealing purity would also be fantastic.
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yes. radar tower is only useful for climbing, now (and I hate the ladders change in the middle of ascension, without jetpack, I would fall everytime)
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How about adding remote access for the beacons in range of the towers as well
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