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Other than issues with visualization, I also can't figure out how to build conveyor lift which should transport stuff down unless I snap it to something already correctly directed.

When I just build conveyor lift from the floor upward, it assumes the direction to be upward as well (as normal belts do). As there is no way to change belt direction, you have to be creative with snapping it to something (conveyor walls, existing belts etc) with correct direction first
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the way i did it was to use the wall with the hole in it.  Then i ran a belt to the window in the direction i want it to go.  Once that is done I start the elevator at the top and drag it down tot he bottom.
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Yep, exactly. But this is a workaround and also makes you snap to wall holes locations. So doable, but surely needs improvement
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One approach they could take would be to make lifts directionless until they connect to a directional entity, like conveyor poles are now.
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This is how I expected to be able to use them.  Place it on the ground, lift it up to your height.  Connect the top to a source line, connect the bottom to the out line.

Sadly, this doesn't work

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Yes, you do need to have something for the elevator to start against.  The stackable conveyor poles work well for this.  In this way you can also start at the bottom at whatever height you want, as well as starting from the top and dragging down.
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thanks, thats better than walls
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I managed to make a continuous loop like this - one going up and the other going down, just connected by conveyors!
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I wanna add that conveyer stacks bring the problem that it's not possbile to snap the lift to the floor. You have to have the bottom flying in the air, otherwise it says "Encroaching other's clearance".
Some screenshots for clarification https://imgur.com/a/toxQD12

Also they don't snap on conveyer belts like merger and splitters do, I always have to remove the belt and reconnect it to the lift.
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Protip; you can "start" a conveyor lift at any vertical height using .. another conveyor lift (removing as you go).
This may help in reversing the direction.
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Make a conveyor belt that stops in the air (for instance have it connect to one of the stackable poles, which you then delete). Construct a conveyor elevator in the air, connected to your floating belt (it will now snap to it!). You can then use the same controls you used to make an elevator go up to make it go down instead.

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I always see those solutions. But they are not good one, I mean they are kind of a hack and require so specifique thing to work.

One of the main thing is, great you can os poles that you later destroy to place floating belts. But what if something is already where I would need to place the pole? Should I have to destroy it to put the pole then the belt and then the thing that was previously in the way? But wait what if the thing that bloked the way also required some scaffolding to be built where I want it? Oh and bad luck, that scaffolding as to go were the belt I wanted to build at first is. Well I'm kind of stuck, one hour into it, destroyed half of my factory and find it won't work.

So I hope people can see that it is bad design to offer solution through the need of building then breaking.

One possible solution : allow people to place naked/floating belt by latting them chose it's horizontal position and vertical position through intelligent control without requiering he need for scaffolding. I don't see why it wouldn't be possible since you could obtain the same "unrealistic" floating belt by other mean.

This is one example where the building system needs a lot of work to feel good.
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