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After the update my whole oil industry is broken. I built a 180 Refineries Array in the top of the map (10 oil nodes) now everything is broken. Pls dont change nodes and puritys my whole factory is broken now :((((((((((((((
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Those 10 oil pumps should still work, and if your experimental save is like mine, they're be producing 1140 oil instead of 1200.

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I'm pretty sure they said stuff can change during development. This is the price we pay for early access.

edit: I've already assumed that I might as well start a new save and build a new factory every time they do a major patch like this.
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i assumed that but im actually using my older save and didnt find anything different in the map yet, so its easier because i already have supercomputers and heavy modular frames automated
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Yes, you can expect many changes, big and small, throughout Early Access.  As Ambaire said that is what early access is all about - developing and changing the game until it is just right!

See Patch Notes here:
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You were warned to back up your save files before changing over to the experimental version.
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