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Just a suggestion for something that might look cool is a table that shows a 3D map of the entire playable world and would update showing places where beacons have been placed by players in the world.

A visual example of this can be:

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I could dig that.  They could add it to both the little room where you do research and also to the functionality at the back end of the vehicles.
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I agree, I also imagined being able to construct it separate so that you can also use it as a form of helpful decoration to a room. There is unfortunately not enough things in the game yet where you can build stuff to make a home for yourself. The hub kinda feels very limited in being home, I imagine a normal person would want a much better living space once they have built a massive industry that produces all of the resources needed.
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I like this. Let it be modular so you can make lots of them.and create a large map.

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Subnautica has a room with a 3D map and a large-scale resource scanner (locked Radar Tower in Satisfactory), and it is really useful. +1
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You know I never thought of using subnautica as a source for inspirations, it could have some transferable futuristic ideas in terms of tech.
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