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I am just wondering because it seems unclear to me but since the first new update is coming up very soon, I am worried that for already existing save files they will not receive the update and that you would have to start a new game. Is this true or is there no concern to be had, because I have no idea?

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There will probably not be any wipe /map reset. In one of their YouTube videos Jace said that future updates may possibly give you the choice of staying with the current version in your factory or applying balance changes to your factory.

The first option would allow you to continue with your factory but you would not be able to access any new content.

The second option would give you the new content, but you may have to rebuild parts of your factory which no longer work because of changes in recipes and similar.

I think they will try to avoid forcing players to start over from scratch, but they may change their mind in the future of course.
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i PRAY for the 2nd option. Im cool with having to rebuild some stuff... but if they do have option 2, then please allow me to click to upgrade constructors and such when mk2 comes out, so i dont have to rebuild THAT much. (same way belts work)
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Thanks man for the answer! If there are a few balance changes that impact the functioning of factories then that seems fine, rebuilding or remodeling factories is no problem. My biggest concern now is what will happen when future updates alter the environments and how that may impact gameplay? An example of an environment is the pink forest on top of the mountain where the trees cannot be interacted with and can be walked through, what would happen if you had a base built there I wonder?
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I will let you all know... my mega base is in the sky there lol
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Good thing you do and I don't lol
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