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An idea that comes from reallife from real cars: An electric hybrid engine. Combining a comon combustion motor with an electric motor and a battery.

Everyone knows that driving around with the Sugarcube or the Truck is fun - but then you also know how slow they can get if it comes to climb up a steep road. Slowing down to a movement speed, you'd be faster when running beside the vehicle.

So this is the "power update" for the tractor and truck:

The E.H.U (Electric Hybrid Unit) is a self loading system, as soon as the combustion motor is running it also is producing electricity, that is stored in a battery in the vehicle. As you drive and it goes upwards this energy is used to keep your speed or maybe accelerate if you're very slow. Running downhill without pressing W will also cause the battery to load, as the mass of the vehicle is used to generate power for a later use. The update will speed up your vehicle also if your just driving along on a plain. You get it at TIER6 with the advanced caterium electronics.

Hybird benefits:

  • Less fuel consumtion!
  • Self loading
  • Battery charging when rolling downhill
  • More speed on a plain
  • More speed while negotiate gradients
  • Electric speed boost for fast speed gaining (can be fun if you want to jump off a cliff with your vehicle)
  • Possible mobile power supply if you need one to gather a HDD
  • more benefits possible
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