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I would love to be able to see some sort of sea or ocean update in the future. I love this game and think it is way too much fun for it only being early access, I've looked out at the water of this world's beautiful biomes and thought it would be so badass for there to be boats, almost just like the trucks, I'd love to a series of docks and port structures added; such as lighthouses, ports that load up and unload ships, ship fueling stations(for better automation), maybe even retractable bridges. It would also be cool to see some sort autopilot-able small boat, then a later tier upgrade of some sort of freighter or even mid sized boat, having space for the player to free roam the ship, some sort of large storage unit on the main deck of the boat, then a below-deck feature with like a bedroom with a map you can pin-point routes on, or a craft room with a work bench and personal storage, maybe an equipment workshop even, you could make some sort of fuel system for it too. I'd especially love to see expansive new islands, maybe even catching fish and eating them to regain some health.

All in all, I think this game is amazing(outstanding more like) with great potential. I'd love to see all of the later updates and upgrades this game has to offer, keep up the great work!
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or a DLC island like annon 2205
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I 100% agree I have been thinking the exact same thing lately!
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