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Maybe it's just me, but at night time, it's incredibly dark in my base, even with the flashlight on. Is there any way to build lights to light up the area?
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The vehicles should all have off road style lights, especially the explorer.
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Just make the bottom of the foundation emit light.
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Wen mann Hallen Baut ist alles zu Dunkel Licht leisten oder ähnliches sind vorteilhaft
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yea lights would be nice how about the powerconsumption tho
I´d love to see lights for walls, foundations etc, so we can see what´s happening at any time.

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maybe you can control the light like rgb or so that
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Totally what i've been thinking yesturday! +1 for this suggestion. Thanks for submiting.
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I'm playing on a hardware calibrated screen and its absolutely nowhere near dark enough. Most likely your screen is crushing the black levels and your simply losing detail. Common with laptop screens.


Try adjusting the gamma with software, you should be able to see the first row.

What this game could use is a gamma slider with a reference image.
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On internet (https://ficsit.app/mod/AT6Zj38KmcKgZ6) is mod that ads lights into your game. Test it :)
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It's early access - not everything is in the game yet.  Lights are planned.
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