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Maybe it's just me, but at night time, it's incredibly dark in my base, even with the flashlight on. Is there any way to build lights to light up the area?
I´d love to see lights for walls, foundations etc, so we can see what´s happening at any time.
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They already have lights, but they just don't work for some reason.
my solution for it with the explorer is to have your flashlight on when you get in.
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A modder added lights really easily. Please add lights. It is ridiculous that we have all of this tech but no lights.
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A friend bought this game and showed it to me. Indoors are too dark and the game is basically unplayable without lighting.
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If you didn’t know yet, there’s a flashlight in the game which you can activate by pressing v.

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There's a "hint" to lights being in the game further down the line. Specifically, "Schematic 2-4: Walkways" holds a written mention of "Walkways and lights can now be accessed in the build menu" even though the audio strips the lights mention away.

Just wanted to reference this for helpfulness :)

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Lights would cool. I can't say I felt a real _need_ for lights, but the visual of being able to be out at night and see your Hub and various machinery light up would be slick.
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So we traveled though space to an unknown planet. Have the tech to build all this stuff and we don't have lights.
At minimum buildings should have their own lights.
Especially the hub and crafting bench.

I noticed the doors have pre built in lights. Are they going to be there before we unlock lights or will they be able to work but we don't have tech unlocked build our own lights?
Spot lights under the lookout tower. A taller light pole with a light attached to it.

I bet they forgot to bring batteries for the controllers as well. ;)
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IANAP, but I think lights can be a lot of work, technically, and create or exacerbate visual issues. So, that may be why it is a feature planned for later. But I agree, lights would be great, and have had the same thought in the middle of a dark factory floor high above the ground. Earlier poster said doors have lights, going to play with that.
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I assume when quartz is added to the game a lot of things such as windows/lights will be added.
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Windows and glass walls are already in the game. I saw a video where someone changed his save file to get access to some things not available by gameplay but already in the game.
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I'm not certain how reliable this is, but there is definitely reason to believe lights are coming:


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Lights are higly needed but not only in what its presented at link. We need lights for factory INSIDE building - not spot light but AREA light from ceiling. They should add special foundation with lights (as ceiling) or something like this.  Of course there should be also switch to power them on or off.

PS. special walls with diffusion lights could be also really cool.
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Indeed we need lights to put inside also, not only outside.
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I agree lamp posts flood lights work lights would be a great addition.. The only downside is that create an entire new set of wires.. But that could be soled easily.. Power Pole Tier 1 4 Main connections 3 sub connections.. Basically 4 wires for pole to pole and machines and 3 small wire connections for Lights.
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No. Lights should shine if they're in a certain range from any object that provides/consumes power. Makes is much, much easier.
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Have one power input wall piece and any connected to that piece in a radius around it is powered.  Still requires some wiring and planning but not messy or free power either.
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And a light switch would be nice too.
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Maybe a power switch. If the Lights require power. Then other things could be turned of, too (without dismanteling a powerline).
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It's early access - not everything is in the game yet.  Lights are planned.
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I’ve found that the only thing that supplies decent amount of lights is the  Lookout Tower.

I’ve taken to putting them around my base and it really lights your base up well.

What I do have problems with are lack of lights on vehicles. V should turn their lights on/off but it doesn’t.
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I'd like to see a wall piece that has a power input, that radiates the power to any other wall connected to it within a certain distance or radius or whatever. Have a switch mountable on any powered wall to control lights connected in that powered area if needed, or just make the lights timed to certain times of day either player set or by the in game light.

and instead of needing ceiling tiles, just make certain lights that snap to the underneath and sides of foundations and walls, like wall mounted work lights or ceiling mounted ballasts.
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Exactly what I was thinking. The current lighting that I saw requires external connections, which is going to destroy any aesthetics.
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Seems modders are working on the solution: https://ficsit.app/mod/AT6Zj38KmcKgZ6

"This Mod adds Lamps to the Game, so you can light up your satisfying factory easily."

So its not impossible, just performance heavy.
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Was thinking the same about lights, i guess they didnt found yet a nice both as practical and visual to implement light in the game cause 2 things
- first power, having cable haning everywhere just to power up lights would be a visual mess

- second how do you turn on/off them, manualy ? automatcaly ? like with the sun but then do you still want t be able to turn them on/off manualy somehow ? and how do you set the moment they will turn on/off

lots of stuff for a so basic things but that would be a nice feature, im pretty sure they will implement it at some point.

Maybe to start we could have buildings be "updatable" to add them lights and pillar could have a switch on off for lights would be better than nothing to start with
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Cable solution is long time ago in the game, it is power wall, placed on foundation will supply  power to all other machines witch will be also placed on foundation
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It can be automated. When night is coming, some lights would go up, so it would be also interesting to have different power consumption between day / night cycle.

Most buildings already have lights, for example, storage containers have a small light pointed to the in / out of the belts, some walls have lights but without focus yet, like in the containers.

This would also be great (since there is a pole light in the wiki, if we could add these light poles, power poles and stack conveyors into the walkways. They even form a small square when several of them are put together...
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They will already add industrial lighting in a future update.
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