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I was wondering if there would be more interaction with the World or the Fauna.

Like for Example:

-what if we find out we are not the first to be landed on this Planet? Maybe there could be some Alien Race maybe a Guy with 6 arms that looks a bit like an Insect (just as example) who Crashlanded on the Surface of the Planet and needs Resources to Fix his Ship, that we could provide depending whatever the Company tells us to do with it. A little bit like finding things in the World and seeing what kind of Cooperation we are actually working with. Will they force us to get rid of the guy?

- Some more Animals depending on the Biomes. Different Biomes different animals. Like the Biome at the Southeast with the Mushroom Rocks and the blue ground. I could totally imagine the weirdest alien creatures walking there beeing peaceful (or aggresive) not too many just some. What about one of those tall creatures but in scary and aggresive for example? Or maybe some big insects or bugs?

- if there is animals maybe some form of primates could have developed? maybe the company wants them dead or use them for experiments to find out more about their biology and to unlock something new.

- Maybe the company detects things on the Surface we are supposed to check out to ensure the conquest of the Planet as theirs? (if they are ment to be aggresive ofc)

- Maybe we find a destroyed advanced Civilisation where we can find some useful technology. Maybe we could need Specific resources to reactivate some old generator or what ever to retrieve that technology. like with the crashed transporters all over the place but for more advanced technology.

Of course none of these would be too big just tiny place to find or explore stuff, a little bit like finding the snails or the orbs. Or finding new ores.
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