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Since the damage taken is limitless, it seems abnormal that the available heals are limited.
I think berries from berry bushes should respawn after a few days/weeks of ingame time.
(unless they do and I haven't waited long enough.)
closed with the note: Confirmed they do.
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I would love to see farming LATE game like tier 7 or 8, so before you get there you are encouraged to explore :)
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I would love to do it for plants (but i should first make my base look like a base not the newbie like things it look like right now x) ) but for animals since almost everything on this planet try to kill you without warning apart from nuilding a dungeon, I don't want this though they do respawn contrary to plants.

I still haven't unlocked tier 7 & 8, due to power difficulties, conveyers belt 2km long to built and the LARGE amount of ressources needed to unlock it)  but since you need to restore your health quite a bit in early game, I do think it should be more in the first tier than last ones, but that's only my opinion.
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I actually think things respawn if you don't build any man-made items near them. I have animals and plants respawn after a long while unless I have something near it like a conveyer pole I used to get on top of a mesa or something. This should encourage you to delete your scaffolding and exploration building.

Agree anyway, healing items are getting scarce. I am having to explore just to make inhalers so I can continue working on my base and incurring falling damage.
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only make the organ inhalers

it's more resource intensive to use an inhaler if above 4 health bars

everything else should be with a nut, berry, or mushroom for their respective health amounts

I'm in the very late game and I actually have an absolute ton of health stuff, at least a stack of everything, except the inhalers, i don't really use them that often to make them much
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I've gone as late in the game as possible right now and have never experienced a pale berry or beryl nut 'respawn'.  Once they've been harvested, they're done, no matter how close or far away or if anything's been built near.

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In my game they respwaned after a long period of time i think it was 5 to 7 ingame days.
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I'm on 187 hours played right now, I started a second base on the other side of the map, which is my main now. When I come back to old base, fruits around it, still didn't respawn.
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I am not sure but maybe fruits only respawn if you are not close to them and if you have not build near them?
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Once you kill something, it doesn't respawn. So the damage you take isn't limitless. If berries respawn, then so should the animals.

The exception is those poison pillars, but there's a simple fix. Don't stand near them.
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The animals only respawn if there's nothing (a lot) built in that area, but they do respawn.
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some of the animal DO respawn, the bee plants(?) and some spitters definitely come back, and some trees as well(1 respawns in the middle of a ramp to my caterium mine)
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Once you kill something, it doesn't respawn. So the damage you take isn't limitless. If berries respawn, then so should the animals.

The exception is those poison pillars, but there's a simple fix. Don't stand near them.

Umm fall damage I get it constantly because jet pack running out just as I'm almost to the edge of a platform I take more damage from falls than when i fight the animals in the game
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Fall damage.
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@drm31415 we must have the same tree issue lol
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I do believe they respawn when you're not around. I noticed some berries nearby respawn when I went the other direction. It probably also takes a while. More or less similar to Ark, where resources don't respawn around you or your base.
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Disagree, but maybe the plants could grow some pretty flowers or something after a week or so?

I like having the motivation to explore for more healing items and the resulting risk when you need to do said exploration while already low on health. Plus, you are rewarded / incentivized to be prepared when you explore and to become prepared by exploring.
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It encourages you to explore further out as your nearest resources run out.
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