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The Hover Scout is a TIER 1 vehicle made for exploration only, moving at the speed of 20km/h. It is hovering over the ground using some kind of antigravitation technology. The first one you will get for free as a little attention by D.N.D. for fully upgarding the HUB and researching the Power Shard (Green Powerslug) wich is needed to make that kind of technology possible.

The Hover Scout has no inventory on its own, but three slots for Power Shards and you will need at least one Power Shard to make the Hover Scout operational. One aditional Shard will max out its speed and another one will unlock some boost function.

Specifications and nice to know:

  • 1st Shard: Movement speed at 20km/h
  • 2nd Shard: Movement speed at 30km/h
  • 3rd Shard: Booster that accelerates you up to 45km/h for 2 seconds - a good thing to get away from anything that is trying to kill you or running over a cliff if you underrate the speed.
  • How ever the Hover Scout can not jump, but it will reduce fall damage by 50% 
  • Shards are NOT being consumed! (but can get lost if you lose your Hover Scout)
  • The Hover Scout's location is shown on your HUD
  • The Hover Scout is a good choice for figure out the safest way for transport routes
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