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When you drag and drop an item stack from a storage to your inventory, you should get a slider that help you choose how much you want to take. Having this option and the one that takes the whole stack (already in game, shift + click to take the whole stack) would be better.


You can do this by adding a slider in the middle of the screen when the drop is triggered, and above it, a box where to write the amount, so the players can either use the slider, or simply write the amount. You can have like a box with the value that is goin to be taken then a / then a box with the total available value, and under it the slider which when used, will update the value from the first box (it sounds a lot more complicated then it actually is to implement).

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Right click and hold and you get a slider you can adjust to how much you wish to split, not exactly what you want but should do
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That isn't the same as taking from a different storage. Say portable miner for example, you can't split the amount in his inventory then put it in your inventory.
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not in the same move, but you can split it in his inv then take half(or whatever) out if that's what you're asking? it'll be rclick->split, then shift+lclick->move to your inv - I've not tried with the miner but it works in crates
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I used the miner as an example, because it has only 1 inventory space, as other structures have too. So you can't split the stack unfortunately.
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I'm confused as to why you'd want to only take a small amount out of anything? Be it a miner, as in the example, or a crafter you for some reason haven't attached to a storage tank. Or even from storage. I mean, ok, sure, sometimes you don't need a full stack of something, but be it 1 or a full stack, still take up the same inventory space. But if you're short on space and you want to take (for example) 25 Iron to compliment the stack of 75 you already have,  but there's only larger stacks available, either take the larger stack and then return the excess, takes no longer than selecting a specific value, or, if your inventory is actually full, it'll only fill the stack and not take more anyway.
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