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This is my personal opinion. I am loving the game and I think the devs are making an amazing job.

Also I want to say, this was my first game that I ever bought in early access.

If any of my suggestions are already here then just ignore them.


While I really appreciate a non-intrusive UI with a clean look, it seams the way its going is to "spam" the compass with icons at the top. This might be bad in the future.

We could use a small mini map with options to zoom in and out and be able to see POI that we marked with the beacons.

We need more customization of the shortcut bar.

Base design:

- While the game is pretty well covered in objects to support design, we need triangles not only squares. One example is the foundations. One block with 2 ramps on 2 sides at 90º angle create a empty space, a triangle shape would be nice to complement several design options.

- Walls are pretty well done, in particular for conveyors, can we have a garage door or automatic doors?

- Physics. No-existence. Make things fall if they do not have enough support for the weight. I find it odd rows of squares in the air with no support.

- Lights, please add light sources, whatever they could be to illuminate our closed factories in particular at night. (Maybe some sort of automatic lights that shut down when it is day light).

- Power! We want more power! Solar is a option for early game, in a high tech world, where a lonely guy build a infrastructure with his own bare hands, there are not enough tech, or, "sci-fi" tech.


- We can already see objects that are WIP, exploration should be a must in this game or at least a option with higher pay outs if any one are willing to do it.

- Maybe a quest system or a storyline (inside many) could be added to in a random way to have more things to do. The rewards could be something to research.

- Talking about research, it should be much more developed. Maybe finding signs of alien life...?

Logs and reports:

- Inside the Hub (maybe) that desk full of monitors could be useful to check things of the production chain. The player could sit in that small bench (or you could give us a comfy office chair) and interact with the computers. Checking data about all the stats in the factory, issue commands, etc. Much more like a operator.


- Ability to host public games with pre-determined rules chosen by the host. PvP on / off, resource sharing, resource trading, etc.


Building a trading hub to buy / sell equipment, tools, resources, etc. Having a economy inside the game. Maybe a starport?

3rd person view:

Well, pretty self explanatory. When building things, for example the massive space elevator, a third person view would be beneficial.

Random starting points:

It would be nice to spawn in different locations of the maps. This will add to more exploration and interesting options how to start.

Usage of what we have and don´t:

- The scanner should be researched to search for crash sites. Also it should have more tech options like for example the map, instead of a mini map like I mentioned before. (the design of it looks cool)

- The Gun sucks. One shot reload? I just arrived in a dam drop pod! From Space! We sure have the tech.

- Jumping around is cool, but can we build a small elevator system for transporting people? Better yet, why not having some sort of elevator to include in the production line instead of building endless conveyors around to go up?

- Design detail (maybe this one is too picky), could the machines animation actually build the designated item instead of been all the same? The Constructor is pretty cool to watch for example, but I would love to see it building in the animation the current item is set to.

- The tower is great for a overview, can we have side bars to not fall? Please? :p Also a nice strong light focus would be cool to search for intruders.

- Binoculars; Well, it has lenses to see farther!

- Solar power, wind power, coal causes too much pollution. Weather effects that can cause power problems if using this techs. At night no solar works (or building batteries to compensate) , no wind, no power, etc.

Well, please do no think that I am criticizing the game. I am sure the devs have a lot of amazing ideas. I am really having a lot of fun, in fact, there has been some time that a game really hooked me so much.

Job well done.

Hope to see much more in the next months of development.

Thank you for giving me a great game.

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I have some more sugestions/wishes/ideas.

I'm really happy about this game so far and these are only some ideas.

Scrollable shortcut bar  

Toggle between different shortcut bars with the mousewheel and choose the thing i want to build with the number.

Upgrade power poles

To upgrade normal power poles to MK2 or higher and a way to build poles MK2 by default when using powerline to build. (not that important if there would be more shortcuts in the bar)


A way to copy and paste some parts of the factory and a way to build a row or a field of fundaments. 

Priorisation for merger and splitter

Maybe already planed with the programmable splitter. A way tho priorise exits or inputs for splitter and merger.

Conveyor poles

I cant place conveyor poles on the edge of two fundaments

thank you for this great game.  Looking forward to the next update.

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I think the scroll button has a good use now to rotate things, the way the shortcut bar could work is to have 12 shortcut bars.
The way you do this is to select F1to F12 then 1 to 0 in the keyboard. That way the shortcut bar could be very useful. I find it now, that I keep using most of the time the build menu (Q) and the shortcut bar for repetitive stuff like conveyors, fundations, etc.
Using this method of assigning a 10 slot shortcut bar to each of the functions keys would be very great.

Conveyor poles, I feel your pain, sometimes I want to design something and the conveyor poles do not snap. What is strange is the power poles do.
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