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add solar panels and batteries
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as someone else said batteries are in the world cant craft them yet but you can find them. i personally think we will see solar with the quartz chain being added at the end of this month.
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I think solar would be an awesome addition. I just played the new update and no, there is no solar in the Quartz chain or anywhere else.

As it is now none of the power sources are really suitable for remote base locations because they either have to be tied to geological features (coal, oil and geysers) or they require constant upkeep (biofuel).

The pink forest in the middle of the map is a beautiful biome and it's the highest land in the game. It's a great place for a radar tower, but there are no resources in the entire biome so if you want to build there you have to run a power line down the enormous cliffs and nearly 2km to the nearest coal or oil.

That is why solar would be a huge advantage because you can build it anywhere. This will be even more useful when trains come out next month because we will have a lot of small remote bases and without solar or a nearby power source we will have to continue stringing power lines across the map.

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First post! Love the game! Amazing!

Solar, yes, please, also a weather pattern could be implemented like rain, in the first map, sand storms, go well with the second map, third map...well...just imagine it :p so it could affect the efficency of the solar arrays.

Solar should not give much power, but would be able to store in batteries. At night no solar. More management of power grid.
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its all one map just different starting areas
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Batteries do exist as a build item but currently has no use.  Id love to see solar in same tier as computers and other electronics.  And a power bank using batteries to make.


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I have some small batteries that I found in the world, but I wanted some mega batteries to put in the power line of the base, I find the idea interesting.
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Had the same idea a fews days later - sadly I did not see your question as I posted mine.

As we basicly ask for the same thing, here is the link to my idea:

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