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Satisfactory: Thoughts & Ideas to make the game more satisfactoring
    1.0 Inventory: Workbench and Hotkeys
    1.1 Streets
    1.2 Cars and configuration
    1.3 Building Parts
    1.4 GeoMod
    1.5 Drones
    1.6 More Distribution of Resources
    1.7 More Bioms

-1.0 Inventory: Workbench and Hotkeys
    Inventory = Key "^" + Mouseclick for deleting Items faster at the inventory.

    Sort Inventory = Hotkey pls! (doubble click mouse Wheel?)
Crafting Bench:
    Direct search by itemname
    Example: Search: Cable --> found: Cable + alternative construktion & related


    Intuitive Toolbar , Fast Equip --> blank "Wheel of Choice" to be configured by anyone

    Key: Middle Mousekey
    Picture Link:

More Equipment Slots

Picture link:

  ...this would put MUCH satisfaction into Satisfactory...
1.1 Streets

    Wouldn't it be satisfactoring to have a Vehicle, that could pave streets with tar or concrete? 
    All vehicles Speed would be increased on Streets, Players could build roads and signs for better orientation in multiplayer                     
    Picture of Vehicle for streets ( like this ) :
1.2 Vehicle and Configuration

    More vehicles for Transportation: like a truck with 96 Slots for instance, with the possibility to be exactly confiugured in
    terms of loading/unloading                           
    Truck with id :     xxx
    When at Station 1:     Load 500 Copper / loadout 10 coal
    When at station 2:    Load 1500 Steel / loadout 10 coal
    When at station 3:    Load 20 coal / loadout 400 Copper and 700 steel
    This would significantly improve micromanagement and give the freedom to choose where to unload/load any given amount of        
    The truckstation should ask the Player, if he wants to unload the complete truck inventory, instead of ninjalooting everthing    
    as soon as he passes by a station.
    I personaly dislike my truck beeing fully unloaded everytime i pass by a station, without having any possibility to
    prevent that, having to reload the car, because I was on the way somewhere else in the first place.

    ...just imagine how satisfactoring that would be...
1.3 Building Parts

 half walls

    windowed walls
    Picture Link:
    rooftops for buildings????
    Picture Link:
    half Foundations:


1.4 Geomod pls!!!!!!!
    It would be nice to be able to change the enviroment, remove and destroy objects etc.
    Picture Links:

1.5 Drones

    How about drones, that could be sent to get things from the storagecontainer, when you are exploring the other end of the
    Activate Drone:
     go fetch:
    50 Iron plates
    150 Steel
    and 90 cabels
    Drone returnes after a time depending on the distance.
    Wouldn't that be massively satisfactoring?
1.6 More Distribution

    Maybe it would be a good idea, to spread and distribute some resources, creating multiple small hotspots to be discovered        
    roaming the , like quartz for glassy objects could only be found in deserts or near water.
    Like this Players would be encouraged, to explore more for satisfaktoring their needs.
1.7 More Bioms

    Bioms like winterwonderland where you could get frozen resources or vulcanic wastelands with caves to get into the mountain for    
    obsidian, or maybe find Gollums remains...

Wouldn't that be massively Satisfactoring?
Let us know what you think!

(Pictures can be to big for the forum)

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I thing u have great ideas, but in point 1.3 roofs u can make roof with foundation, realy
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For some "high-quality shingles" you can slap two opposing ramps together on top of a building.
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sure but they are look like foundations and you cant paint the ramps.
Thank you for your comment i have some more great ideas but the next post from me need more time to explain it more (concept)  .
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