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I would suggest to transfer this tower into a lift. So it could be used for multiple occasions like getting access to different levels of walkways. Also, climbing down that ladder is actually a neckbreaking thing. A lift, which could stop on different hights would be cool.

I have opened a suggestion on this topic: replace the Lookout Tower with a Lift 

Please vote on that, if you like the idea.

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I made account just to suggest this very idea. :)
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In the kind of idea around the lookout tower,I also tried to put a personal chest at the top of the tower as a survival kit but it s not possible
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I've often wanted to build catwalks off of watchtowers, so +1 to this.
Also, you can start catwalks off of foundations, but not the other way around. I often want to terminate my catwalk bridge into a foundation, but the game won't snap to it.
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+1 to Dudecon as well.  Yes, walkways off all catwalks would be ace - I've got a jumpy gap between my Reactor and the tower that creates Uranium Cell thingies.  I've put walkways on foundations to give handrail protection from falling down lift holes and it makes the factory look really cool.  Catwalk stuff - linking storage, machines, plants etc - Ace idea.

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I'd love a nice Endor Style lookout perimeter if there were flexable wooden walkways. something to use wood for other than biomass and walls!
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Related idea, make the lookout tower slightly smaller.  I tried to use it as a ladder to get to other floors in the factory, but the tower is slightly larger than a single foundation, so you need a 2x2 hole to use it, and at the top, the platform is too far away from the sides to walk over to the floor, and the roof of the tower prevents you from jumping very far.  It is do-able, but it is awkward.
You can use the stackable conveyor poles as ladder .
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