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I was driving my truck and going exploring and i had my gas mask equiped as well, when i drove through poisonous gas i took damage still, will this be fixed soon cause this is an issue making trucks dangerous for exploration
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well i think this should kinda be fixed already, cause the issue ruins the reason for a gas mask in the first place when going on road trips with tons of materials
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So are you saying that CSS is just plain lazy to not have fixed it, or just clueless that they have not already fixed it? Trying to understand what the "well i think this should kinda be fixed already" means and what it assumes for the reasons it has not already been fixed.
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when i said that i meant if theres already multiple entries then why hasnt it been solved? i doubt the coding for this should be that hard, just to enable the gas mask to activate when in trucks.
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Because it takes work to fix anything, and the work needed to fix this thing has not made it yet to the front of the priority list.
You want to help push it forward? Vote on the topics about this and do not create new ones, as that splits the attention; less votes over many items is significantly less effective than many votes on one item.
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