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.sav file size seems to coordinate with an extreme issue with game performance. I have seen multiple others reporting similar issues, all of which have shown a .sav file over 50MB. It does not stress computer hardware, CPU/GPU/RAM usage often below 50%. Having game saved on HDD vs SSD does not seem to affect this issue.

One known case of a save file above 84MB being played on a rig with an i7-8700k and RTX 2080, performance consistently around 25FPS.

This issue needs to be resolved in order to keep dedicated, mega-base building players happy. :)
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My saved game has grown to 200 Meg.
FPs? more like FP minute.
VERY slow graphics.
I increase me ram, new screen card, SDD, nothing helped.
I run an i7 4Gig, Nvideo 1660 Ti. Samsung EVO SDD, 24 Gig ram.
Everything in Task-manager shows it's running relatively low on resources.
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same here .. seems like that the lategame isnt playeble :( … what a mess -.-
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It seems to be much better after the last update - but when I compare it to a NEW game, the late game FPS sux!
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Same results on the FPS issue.
The game still looks amazing.
The game is NOT optimized for multi cores OR high end GPU's.

My Rig is  a not so old 6 core Intel chip running at 4.2 GHz on ALL CORES, 32GB DDR4 Main Memory, 2 SSD's (not in raid) and a nVidia 1080 Ti.

Low 30 FPS no matter what resolution or quality settings I choose. It can get a bit higher (mid 30 fps range) when out and about and dips into the 20's when big buildings are making stuff.

I tweak my settings in nVidia Control panel and have it optimized for PERFORMANCE. The most gains I have been able to eek out are in the two to five FPS range.

GPU: this rarely gets to 50% when in game, usually in the mid 40%, memory usage is below 45%.

CPU: Rarely gets to 50% on one core (number 3) Core 6 gets used as well but not as much. The rest of the cores are running in the 20%  to 30% range.

My save file is getting a bit big, Mid 70 MB range. I have noticed that the bigger it gets the slower the FPS gets.

Please address this issue it is becoming UNPLAYABLE.
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Same here. Enabling large factories basically annihilates the frame rate for the host in MP to a level that is nearly unplayable. The client users get noticeable lags, probably because the server does not respond in time anymore as it is blocked as well. One CPU core reaches 100% on my machine here and there. The decision that there is no parallel computation even for distant factories is a serious design flaw. Factories make a game unplayable that is focused on building factories.
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