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Please provide us with items to traverse the map with more ease in the later stages of the game where the factories we've built may cover a larger part of the map.
The items and vehicles I'd like to see are:

1. Wingsuit

The wingsuit,would work as an expansion to our regular outfit, instead of taking up the current jetpack slot.

By doing it this way, it would allow us to use both the jetpack and the wingsuit at the same time for easier horizontal movement across the map.

For examples of enjoyable gameplay using a wingsuit, take a look at the Just Cause 3 and Just Cause 4 games where they combine the aerial movement of the wingsuit with extended flight by using a grappling hook.

2. Upgrade to jetpack

The current tier jetpack somewhat lacks vertical movement, allowing us to upgrade it to a higher tier, enabling more vertical movement by either using less fuel or having a stronger propulsion, would make the late-game exploration more enjoyable.

3. Helicopter or VTOL jet

At Tier 9, our factories are likely spanning across the map.
Having to traverse the whole map takes up a significant amount of time at this point that some people would rather spend building or improving their existing factories.
Having a Helicopter or VTOL jet with a landing pad to refuel or recharge if using electricity for power, would enable us to have more time for factory-building over larger areas.
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I just want a jetpack that can draw from fuel in my inventory. Makes no sense why the regular one cannot.
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That's literally what the current jetpack does though, you can stock your entire inventory full of fuel and fly for a long time as long as you land in between.

Unless of course you mean exactly that, a jetpack that doesn't need to land to recharge, in which case a Mk2 jetpack as mentioned in an answer and my own suggestion would suffice.
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Exactly that, a jetpack that doesn't need to land to recharge. And I think the MK1 jetpack should have that feature by default...
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this should be a comment, not an answer
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Yes!!  I just want a VTOL aircraft.  like just a big arse helicopter.  So I can explore, go across map faster as I'm already having that issue with all my mini bases, and carry a smallish cargo with me incase I just want to pick some goodies up and then return with them.
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