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The game obviously needs roads, and I thought a neat implementation of them would be asphalt. Since we get the tractor and depot when we unlock coal.. I thought it would be worth adding on more to that tier. Bitumen is found with coal, so the idea that we could make an asphalt plant that combined limestone and bitumen (or coal) to produce tar isnt far fetched. You could also make a truck to spread the asphalt along a path. The asphalt would destroy smaller rocks, and (if possible) adhere to the lay of the land. I think it would be cool to add another layer to the vehicles, with some construction vehicles like this.

Great game, and thanks for the effort!
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I had a similar thought about dirt paths in that vehicles driving over the ground would gradually turn the ground into a dirt path. This would only happen if the vehicle repeatedly drives the same route (like on auto-pilot).

However, I like your suggestion about asphalt rounds as well.

Adding to it, I think it would be cool if they added in a bulldozer vehicle to make clearing land easier at higher tiers.
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Even if roads were laid similarly to belts, and just remove protruding rocks and trees, rather than a construction vehicle, it would be excellent.
My current foundation roads and bridges need to be accompanied by power poles since foundations themselves won't stop regeneration of rocks and trees.
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Interestingly there are a few paths between the major biomes that are very obviously designed to be used for vehicles.  Sadly most of them are blocked by (currently) immovable rocks.
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Would definitely be amazing, a much nicer, natural alternative to laying foundations everywhere you need to go. Something that follows the land, although perhaps smoothing over ruts and bumps.
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Yes!  Don't know if the game could do it though because that might need some kind of deform-able terrain coding and I'm not sure if the engine could do it.  This is different then coding an "object" like a plant or a chunk of ore that can be destroyed/picked up.

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Roads tend to be long distance, I think trains would cover the lack of roads, and be used for transport between smaller bases, with each bases having a vehicle set-up for smaller trips
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