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So one morning I play satisfactory normally with no issues. In the evening I decide to play a bit more, click continue game and... I'm stuck in loading screen. Try to alt tab or control alt delete it is either laggy, doesn't do anything or otherwise acts out. I've had to force reboot from powerbutton couple of times and when I got resource manager open it just always says satisfactory is not reaponding.

Have tried to get into game several times over several days. Turned baxk grapgics setting because for some unknown reason they had turned back to ultra on their own. Stopped sending game data because someone sonewhere mentioned it helped with some issue. Have even restarted computer though often only because I had to.

Game updated once during this time but no help. It is still totally broken.
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What if you start a new game? - could be interesting if this is a safe file issue or a general problem with your installation.

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This is a problem a dev has to solve for you.

Don't worry, they're coming.
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Not sure if I've tried that (starting new game enaut proposed). However, it took somewhere close to 30 hours to get to the point that playthrough was where I had just started building large unified factory finally having tech and resources for it. That is longer than I've played many games in total, even good ones. I have no interest Right now for early game handmining and manual drafting even basic ingots.

So I will either get to continue that game where I was or or stop playing the game alltogether for a prolonged period of time, and any place I have a chance to review the game the review will not be positive.
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That is completely fine.
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