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Let's imagine there's a major update that will add content like new parts of the map or big machines, and for that, you have to reset your game/map/saves, is it possible ?

Asking because for now, I tend to play without any roleplay (floating platform, glitch exploit, etc.) and I want to be more serious in it, but I would hate to begin from scratch again after an update.

Thanks to anyone who will answer me wink

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I would never say, there is no Risk. In Early Access Games can a wipe always happen. But the Risk seems Low at the moment.
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There will be no wipes but if they change for example ore locations or add new ones you will need to start a new Game. But you dont need to. But you will not have the new ores or other changes to the Map. As right now you can find every ore that is planned. So in theroy you should be able to play the whole Game to the End with a current save.

Same goes for some performace Optimization. Some will even apply one saves others that affect the World itself will only affect new Games.

I had the Idee, since you can edit the save fiels with a Hex editor, when they make changes to the Map, start a new world, save, leave the Game a Copy all the Build stuff and foliage removed to the new save.

 I have no clue if that works, i need to try it when the first update is out with Map changes.
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i logged that i cant manufacture fabric (done the milestones, it just doesn't show as an option) so can i fix this editing the sav file?
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Maybe, but poking around in the save fiels isnt easy.. Make a Copy first.
But first: you have done the research and unlocked the Milestone in the Hub? And then it doesnt show up in the Craftbench?

And i cant help you right now since i dont have acces to my Computer and the Saves
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No reset was needed from the closed beta to the public one.
So you can assume they would make a converter if necessary.
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Iam pretty sure they dont waste time to make a converter.
But im sure you can keep your saves, just with the
disadvantage mentioned in my answer
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While looking on some wiki pages, I saw the implementation of a creative mode, kinda be useful if we want to reset a map without having to farm the basics things ^^.
For the moment, I'll stick to my non-roleplay way frown

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