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In a world of Space Elevators, self controlled robotic ships, helpful AIs, and pocket dimensions, how did we land on a planet without a map? Would be useful for setting up your base and logistics. Could start out with minimal details and fill in as you progress?
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Fog of war is what you're describing and has been around for decades in video games...
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No, it's not what I'm describing. Fog of war has an already established map that is covered in fog (IE greyed out). It may not be visible to you before you explore it, but you know where its boundaries lie. Then, as you explore, the fog lifts, revealing details of the map. That's not what I suggested.

I'm suggesting that the boundaries themselves expand as you explore. So if you only explore 1x1 Km, your map is only 1x1 Km; not a large black void with 1x1 km revealed.

Examples of what I mean:
With fog of war, you can "guess" at the size of the map based on what isn't revealed:

What I'm suggesting is that the definite edges of the map are obscured from you so that the map only expands as far as you've explored:
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OK, "dynamically scaling fog of war" then but, as you said, Civilization (VI specifically) has been doing it since 2016. Surely it's not the first game with such a dynamically scaling fog of war but I haven't found a decent "history of fog of war" webpage/-site (not even Wikipedia's: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fog_of_war) that notes this distinction. Regardless, I doubt Satisfactory's map will have "dynamic fog of war scaling", let alone even fog of war at all.
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A Map with some marking functions would be nice to find again all those drop ships what crashed because of unabled drivers xD
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The planet is obviously under satellite surveillance (put flower petals in the M.A.M. if you want to hear that from ADA), so why not provide a map of at least the areas explored.   Satellite maps may not have a great level of detail, but are useful for knowing where you have been and where beacons have been placed...

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There is a Map ingame, its currently disabled.. I think it will not be to long until it comes back.

The Map was in the Alpha
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A map is a nice idea. But to make it difficult you can set for the beginning a minimap and later on something like satelite map? I make so many Items and there is no mutch to do with them... to build a satelite could be there a new destination.
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currently in experimental
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