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Love this game, but ran into the difficulty of having to swap equipment in need situations. Would be better if there can be only the following slots: Head, Torso, Legs and Hands...and also a Back Slot to equip the Jetpacks.

Another 2 suggestions would be to add some type of Armor to help reduce damage from attacking hostiles, it would go into the Torso Slot. Also, give the ability to add tools/weapons to the Hotbar for quick access.
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Yes.  A leg slot for the bionic legs, and extra one on the back for the backpack/parachute.

I don't think there is a need for armour right now.  With a little practice, you can kill all the mobs in the game.  A little patience and skill is all that's required.  Now, if bigger/tougher mobs are added later, armour might be an issue.
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Having to swap jetpack/Bladerunners doesn't bother me as much as not being able to use the gas mask with either.  Sometimes collecting power slugs can be a real problem without both the gas mask and 1 of the other 2.
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I got  Jetpack Gasmask Blade Runners all fit to a different part of the body yet I can only use one, I was expecting to be able to wear them all.

I really don't mind more character progress with upgrades and harder mobs/area's that require the upgrades, this game has some light Zelda/metroidvanaia progress and I wouldn't mind if they use it a little more.

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Please upvote threads that have already been started on this topic. This has been suggested many times.
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Just posted...I'm allowed to post...so No.

It would have just been a simple "NO", but they wanted 12 words.
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Not saying you can't, but the forum guidelines that are clearly visible on the right hand side specifically request you to do this also, it helps the devs find the most important things first.
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Problem with up-voting similar suggestions is that many are poorly worded and poorly explained.  Adding your own comment is fine if the devs read ALL the comments in each of the highest up-voted suggestions.
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When searching for this issue, this is the question that pops up first in the list.
I don't expect a lot of people to read the full list to find to the first entry of this

I don't mind upvoting the first entry but then it should be listed first and not last
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IMHO you need a jetpack and a parachute (for when you run out of fuel) together.
You also want a gas mask in case you drop down or run in a gas cloud!

So you would need at least 3 slots:
1 for the gas mask (head)
1 for the parachute (back)
1 for the jetpack (back)

Then you also want a slot for the boots to fit the blade-runners
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I think it's silly to have several slots for items which should serve the same purpose.
Having 2 backslots for both parachutes and jetpacks is weird as they are supposed to cover the same issue, being 'aerial movement and survival'

Having 1 headslot, 1 backslot and 1 legslot would make more sense.
MAYBE have a 'bodyslot' as a 4th slot so we can wear the hazmat suit with jetpacks, as they currently occupy the same slot but don't serve the same purpose.
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The jet pack and the parachute are not the same things.
If you run out of fuel on your jet pack you will be glad to have a parachute separate or your dead
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They serve a similar purpose.
Just because clogs and gym shoes arent worn at the same time doesn't mean their purpose ( protecting your feet) changes.

Similarly, jetpack and parachute are used for traveling through the air. hence they should take up the same slot IMO
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Stop fooling around. You can't fly up with a parachute but you can drop dead with a jet pack without fuel
These are NOT two of the same things. THEY ARE DIFFERENT
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Yeah and clogs are not meant for running but gym shoes are. Still the same item type though. Aerial movement, both worn on your backs, should both occupy the same slot.

Just noticed you keep flagging my responses because i disagree with you. Well played.
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