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It would be nice to have a conveyor belt trash bin that would simply delete items going into it to prevent sorting systems from getting backed up. At the moment i have to clear blockages manually.

When the smart splitter cannot accept items on its configured route, pass those items on to the *any slot toward a trash collector.

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Upvote for the general idea. Though I wouldn't want a trash collector, rather a container-type holding area. However, the option for a trash collector would be nice.
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Defiantly would love to see a trash bin that conveyors would hook up to and just eat the item going in to it.
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I would LOVE this. For my current strategy of playing, i have the map split into 6 separate areas and having low tier items go to a central base in the middle of the map for higher level item automation.... In each of those 6 areas I wanted to have "Annex Hubs" that would have a double storage unit for me to put any and all items in. A "Trash" conveyor than takes all of those items to the central hub (merging with the other 5 areas Annex Hubs' trash lines)... Finally that goes into an item sorter to integrate those items into the rest of the factories rotation. With an item sorter tho, you can have 1 item backup and clog storage of many different items. I can already capture excess items and loop them back into the system, but that only works for so long. A trash system - Incinerator maybe, so it could generate some power.. hmm - would be super helpful to have at the end of the line rather than looping back. (also more compact).
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A trash-fed power generator would be awesome.
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It would be wonderful if we could do that in spliters, by selecting an option like "Destroy overflow", which would be in the smart/programmable spliter's interface.

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I believe mergers and splitters use round robin, you could split normally after the smart splitter and loop back to the input. After your storage is full those items would circle forever but because the mergers will rotate through every input it would also fill in every other item.

The speed of sorting would go way down though.
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Also, and I feel I've said this before, why not just use 1 conveyor/1 resource? I mean, I don't know how many trucks you have coming and gong, but wouldn't it make more sense to have 1 truck stop + 1 truck per 1 resource? I mean, not seeing your factory I don't know what you're like on space, but it seems to me that everyone is always trying their best to shoehorn a reason to use smart splitters, when, to me, it feels more like they're less useful than just having extra conveyors? Now, maybe if the programable ones let you set # per inute / output rather than just specifying resource/output, they will be useful, but in no situation can I see a smart splitter being a better idea than another conveyor, or five.
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I agree, I don't use a sorter myself except when deleting parts and emptying my inventory into a sorting area.

I did start to set up a bus with every item there is and I just stack new belts on for more throughput.
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