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With many machines on the map, the game becomes a joke with video freezing and pauses that quiet often causes death. I never have seen this in a game ever, it is obvious that the game cannot cope with more then the average machines on the map and It becomes unplayable. This has the potential to be a 5 star game but this issue needs sorting out urgently. 

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I guess it depends on how good your computer is, with a big factory a gtx 1070 can handle it but it heats up to at about 70 degrees (Celsius).

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The Game isnt finished!

Its in Early Access, so there is few to no optimization.

You now that when you buy a Game in EA!

And i have build a massiv Factory with over 400 Machines and yes it has some lags and freezes and the FPS ix down to 30-40 but it is stil playable.

For me that isnt a Problem since I expected that, since (again) the Game is in Early Access an this for a leats one year
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The reason for my comment here is so that the developers get the feedback so that they are aware of some of the problems. Having invested over 200 hours in this game with lots of machines it started developing 3 second pauses after the patch. So if you are jet packing and get that pause you are on the ground dead.
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Iam pretty sure they are aware that they havent optimizied the Game.
So your Post is pretty much pointless
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I heard some rumor that closing our machines by walls makes game run better. I heard that 2 days ago so I just start to check this. I just started to close my every production by walls and foundation on top and to check if it works smoother. OP if you have some more time than me u could check if it works
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I've done that and I've got a 3 level factory building and still does the same thing.
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