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On the way north from the original spawn point at the top of the hill before you decend to the beach, there is a possessed tree (harvest me etc) but its been chopped down already

Just a little fix I'm sure
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Sorry to be that guy, but it's probably because it's not a very helpful report. It's far better to use the in-game feedback tool to report problems like the one you are describing, as the devs get your current location coordinates along with your report.
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ok thats fair enough, is it a hit F8 in play (like subnautica is/was ??
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It's in the main menu (once you've loaded a save), "give feedback"
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to be honest still no reason to downvote tbh. Even thought people can use ingame reports, this is a place too.
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I haven't voted on this one. I see why it was downvoted though. It's not a good description as there are several spawn points in each of the 3 starting areas. Even if one were to *assume* OP is talking about rocky desert, there's still a fair bit of investigative work to do which could easily have been avoided. Could have even taken a screenshot. Ain't nobody got time for that
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