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First of all I want to say I like the game and I have fun to build one or more big factory’s, set up a good logistics, research new technologies and find new things by exploring the beautiful world. I know that many things which I will write down already requested, by other people, but I wanted to give my maybe different ideas to the forum.

1.         The Manuel craft is too efficient and I must say I only build a small factory to have the basic resources like, plates, shrew, rods, wire, cable etc. automatically fabricate. It needs a big debuff and I think you shouldn’t be able to craft complex items per hand or it should cost much more time and resources.

2.       The method to record a way for the vehicles is good when you have a few, but when you want to use the same route for more and more vehicles it is difficult to make sure they don‘t crash into each other. I know they drive forward after the crash, but in my opinion that is not good enough for a game like Satisfactory. I would like to see a system where I can build roads, maybe like the conveyers for bridges or the foundations with a road texture etc.. Traffic lights for intersections were also not bad. The truck stop also should have a road where I can connect my roads. After I connected two or more truck stops I should be able to say the vehicle to which truck stops it should drive and it select automatically a route on the roads a drive away.

3.       Why I can’t use the Gas Mask in the truck? When I set my Gas Mask on and drive through an area full of poison I shouldn‘t be getting damage, only when I don’t have any filters. Maybe is an upgrade for the truck possible to filter the air.

4.       Smart merger. We have smart splitters, but no merger. My imagination from a smart merger is that I can tell him in which ration he should merge the conveyers. Example, for the normal receipt oft he modular frame I need three reinforced iron plates and six rods. Jet I want that the merger take first one reinforced iron plate and then two rods.

5.       Why I have only one body part and I'm not able to wear more than one thing at the same time (Gas Mask, Jet Pack, Blade runners etc.)? I have legs for the Blade runners, a head for the Gas Mask and a torso for the Jetpack.

I’m looking forward to see what you make out of the good bas of the game and the ideas from you community.

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Ok, firstly, I understand English isn't everybody's first language, but a spell checker at least would help, was pretty difficult to get through some of that.


Now, onto the points you made;


1. The manual craft is *supposed* to be more efficient. Just because you can make things a little faster by hand doesn't mean you should, think about this, if you have a production line of 4 different items being made at once, you couldn't make enough by hand to make the same amount in a minute that they all would together. If you need some resources and you need them now, then yea, use manual craft if you don't have them in storage, otherwise the production lines are your friend, they'll keep going even when you're building, exploring, having a cuppa, or whatever else.


2. The way to stop them crashing into each other is simple, keep the holographic markers up that shows the route of the other vehicle and then just make sure you don't intersect it when driving another one, just be 10 feet to the left/right of the first one.


3. Pretty sure that's a bug, haven't tried it myself, but I can test and get back to you.


4. There's an easy way around that, connect two rods and 1 plates to a merger then it's getting twice as many rods than plates, but if you're feeding into an assembler to make the plates, just connect the plates and rods directly to it, it has two inputs for a reason, it will then use the resources as it needs them.


5. Yes, this is a much asked for change, having a hand, body, legs and head slot.

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Quote from Automaton539

"Ok, firstly, I understand English isn't everybody's first language, but a spell checker at least would help, was pretty difficult to get through some of that."

I apologize for that and have followed your advice. I hope it's better to read now.

1. You are right, but when I play together with other player and think of the handcrafting from Factorio, it is too fast in my opinion. In Factorio I wanted to build a basic factory and smelter as fast as possible because the handcrafting is so slow and in Satisfactory I waited with the build of a Constructor until I had the Coal Generator.

2. That is also right, but at some points on the map you have no choice because the way is too small to drive left or right. Yes, I can build some foundation, but I also must say that I don't want to find all my vehicles only to activate the holographic markers and later to deactivate them, because at some point it will be too much markers.

3. Maybe it is bug, we will se.

4. Yes the assembler has two inputs for a reason, but I want to save space and resources for a second conveyor belt.
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As I've said before, while this game is in a similar genre to factorio it's not the same game and just because some things are one way in that game doesn't mean it should be that way here.

Not sure how many vehicles you have, but it's all part of being efficient, which is the main objective of this game.

Definitely a bug, not maybe.

And while having a small factory is also a plausible play style, it's best to just expand / rebuild and make more space.
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