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I cut down a tree, build a foundation and after some time the tree grew back through my foundation and i think that isn't supposed to happen!
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Check if the foundation is on the ground or floating, if its floating build 1 foundation under it
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Plants on this planet are shy , they only grows when nobody's looking.
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Same bug for me, too. The tree's coming up through two foundations and a coal generator. I've already thought to ensure the bottom foundation is embedded in the ground. I've cut this tree down many times. It's not harming anything but it's annoying to have a tree growing through a generator. Location is near the south edge of the grasslands, NNE of that small, lonely rock tower with the trees on it.

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I got the same bug. Each time if I load a savegame a few of the cut trees do respawn. Even when I cut them down again or blow them up, they reappear after saving and loading the game session. Thus, I'm not able to get rid of them permanently. This is a little annoying bug as two truck routes are affected by those reincarnating trees as they reappear in the middle of the highway (built with foundations). Those foundations are in direct contact with the ground, thus no reason for any respawn (whereat I'm pretty sure that in the current game version nothing is supposed to respawn).
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Similarly, I have a rock reappearing on an iron node each time I restart a session. I blow it up whenever I try pass by - just because I can.
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I have the same problem with a log and rock on my coal node
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