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So I would guess that the reason there's only one equipment slot right now is for balancing reasons and to add some sort of challenge when playing.

But as you progress into tier 7 it would be nice if we could unlock a ficsit suit-upgrade that expands it to two slots so we can i.e use the boots with the mask or the jetpack.

But still have to prioritize between them up until that point we research the new suit. It doesn't really need to look much different than the original.

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Patch 2 is out now and ther's still just 1 body slot.

So, in support of this suggestion (bump) i would also love to see a second body slot, maybe even a third one at tier 7. Maybe even further....for example: from a realistic/technical viewpoint the jetpack could be available/equippable besides blade runners as soon as they are researched, same with the mask etc...
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agree,   its annoying .  WE should have slots for items and armor equip. There is no logic (if you have a mask you can't wear shoes xd etc.)   Higher tiers should have moore slots.  

The same with suits. If u are near uran u need to wear hazmat suit. That's mean u cannot use jet pack boots and mask .
Whats happen if the poison area will be in radiation area xd ?
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There should be different body slots for each area of the body however I would be happy to just be able to wear the jetpack while wearing the gas mask or the radiation suit because it sucks getting somewhere but then dying because of the damn poison :(
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