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I would really appreciate a standard rgb/hex input for color coding. It took me way too long to chase down that the color gun uses, apparently, HSL. For those that don't know this stands for Hue, Saturation, and Lightness; as a color space this is a great standard, but it seems to not match the values for a given color. In this scenario, I wanted to color code my iron processing plant with a 'rusty' look, and found that no matter what I tried, I even tried HWB which was worse, I could not figure out a 1:1 match. I understand this is a rather small matter, but one that I think many would appreciate being able to fine tune the way their world looks. Factories are a very personal creative outlet for many, so I'd appreciate any acknowledgement or correction if I am not looking in the right place.

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I agree. The current color system isn't very intuitive. I would also like an html rgb entry window as well.
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I love HSL but I'm fanmilar with that color stuff, and yes would be nicer if we have some standard pallete without discard the HSL Slider, and if possible include a field for Hex input and a option to alternate between HSL and RGB.
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Yea, the option to change color palettes is a great solution!
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This may be caused by the textures used.
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need saved and sycronised for all player in game have same pallette
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